Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Goons v. Glitter

So an new goon has been on the property which would'nt even be worth mentioning except he took the board of the porch window. He ripped it off, so I replaced it with a much thicker board before I took off out of town. I don't mind the old guys who go back there and drink beer, they don't hurt anything and they'll have to move on soon.

However, on June 25th when I was over there to show my friend Andrea the project, this new fella crossed the line by breakin into the place. It's important to keep the crackheads out. In fact, it's a miracle this house hasn't been inhabited by them in the many years it has been empty. Our best guess is around 15 years. I feel responsible for keeping it that way for the safety of
my neighbors and they can't wait for my fence and the electricity to be up. My neighbors have both said this to me. They will be relieved.

If you have been through any kind of robbery, then you know that you tend to start thinking
'booby traps'. There's a fine line you have to walk in executing booby traps, you can't cause anyone to be hurt but you do want to deter. I went out and bought six cans of spray glitter and coated the porch thoroughly. I took a photo but it's the glitter didn't show up.

I just imagined the street thug comin back there at night and taking a nice relaxing nap on our porch and then being totally covered in glitter. Rather an embarrassing state for street toughs And any real New Orleanian knows how impossible it is to get that glitter OFF. My neighbor and I suspect that maybe since they shut down Joe's Cozy Corner, the thugs that did biz over there are looking for a new storefront.

T.S. Cindy really did a number all around town. No power uptown for a day, trees down all over. I had to replace a board up in a really icky part of the house, I couldn't do as well as the old board but it's band-aids until construction. I also had a dead bird to pick up, it was rather awful. I had a down moment about the hassles of this waiting period.

So, while the architect is drawing, I'll try and gather some stories from around the neighborhood.

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