Thursday, December 07, 2006

Treme Transformation Continues

Since Katrina, the Historic Faubourg Treme Association has gathered a lot of steam. Our neighborhood is changing as people have begun to realize that this area is prime, non-flooded real estate. The Vieux Maison Francaise (French Heritage Foundation) is helping to renovate and save three historic homes. The Soulie cottage on Treme St. and the Passebonne Cottage at the African American Museum and one of the houses that are part of a set of sister houses called LeBlanc Row.

We have been having meetings every couple/three weeks, to get our infrastructure in place and this week I was accepted as an at-large board member. I seem to be attracted to nothing but the most challenging neighborhoods. We have a grant to invest in beautification projects, planting trees and landscaping and installing some historic markers. We are also getting more and more very talented new residents. Post-K new faces include Judge Rose Ledet, Daniel Taylor, the architect for the LIFT project and Pat Evans just moved in on St. Claude St, she is a professional neighborhood advocate who works at UNO. We already had some unique people who love our city in Treme, like Scott Veazey who does top notch renovations and has done a couple more renovations in Treme since Katrina. His house will be featured in New Orleans magazine this month. Of course, Naydja and Adolph Bynum who already own many beautiful properties and they have bought four more and are about half way done with two of those renovations now. Meg just bought this house at St. Philip St. and uncovered a historical legacy that was buried under brick and old asbestos siding.

So much is happening in Treme, it's hard convince people that aren't here. You have to see it to believe it.

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