Tuesday, October 11, 2005

New Orleans: Katrina Damage Gov. Nicholls

I travelled back to the city Oct. 1-6th to survey the damage from Katrina. Here's what's left of the house.

New Orleanians lament the loss of this unique architectural gem, but perhaps the worst thing about it is that it is resting against 3 houses/properties. In the very back, it's difficult to determine if it has damaged the 3rd home or if it's just in pieces on their property. The large building on the corner was not inhabited but the others were. We knew that winds around 100 miles an hour were just too much for this blighted/gutted structure. Our insurance adjusters have contacted us, as well as our
very dedicated architect, James Farr. The house was heavily insured and our ability to rebuild will depend on their assessment.


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Love but Hate said...

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Rosa Benito said...

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