Tuesday, October 11, 2005

New Orleans: Katrina Damage Gov. Nicholls Photo 2

Well, here's what's left of the house ! The photo we've been waiting to post. I feel like I need to change the blog title to neworleansrebuild.

Sigh. Grunt.....head begins to pound, feel kinda

When Emily and Brian and I visited the house,
the neighbors who were around (the city is still sparsely inhabitated) came out to express their sympathy and some reminisced about times they had spent there before it fell into it's neglected state. This sincere response compels one to persevere and rebuild. Another positive fact is that this property was not even close to taking in water because the piers are quite high, so flooding is not a serious threat and rebuilding would not be folly. One man said he heard the house fall. He said it was slow and graceful.


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